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“Topaz”: A Modern Interpretation of Classic Elegance

Launched in June 2015, Topaz embodies the timeless elegance of Frank C Paine’s original design. Paine, renowned for his work on iconic yachts like JH3 Yankee, laid the foundation for Topaz’s pedigree, setting the stage for a vessel that blends tradition with innovation.

Drawing inspiration from an unbuilt 1935 Paine boat, Hoek Design meticulously crafted the lines of Topaz, harnessing the maximum waterline length to create a hull optimized for speed and performance. By prioritizing waterline length over sail area, Topaz boasts a high aspect keel and low wetted surface area, ensuring exceptional performance in varying conditions.

From mast position to stability and sail areas, every aspect of Topaz’s design is meticulously optimized to adhere to the standards set by the J Class Association handicap system. Furthermore, the hull structure is engineered to withstand maximum running backstay loads, ensuring durability and stability on the open seas.

What sets Topaz apart from other modern replica Js is its unique design elements, including a low bulwark around the deck edge for added stiffness and longitudinal framing for enhanced fore and aft stiffness. The distinctive double cockpit, double deckhouse layout further enhances functionality, with key positions strategically positioned for optimal performance.

With its azure blue underwater hull and distinctive layout, Topaz is not only a stunning sight to behold but also a testament to the timeless allure of classic yacht design. Whether racing in regattas or cruising the open waters, Topaz exemplifies the perfect blend of tradition, innovation, and performance.