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As part of the VMG Group, Holland Jachtbouw moved to Enkhuizen, where the heart of the Dutch yacht building industry is located. This region is the birthplace of traditional shipbuilding, where ships have been built since the VOC (United East India Company) era. Thanks to this history, you’ll find the world’s best artisans here who possess superior knowledge and skills that have been passed down for generations.

These craftsmen, with boatbuilding in their DNA, are the backbone of Holland Jachtbouw. They are connoisseurs who strive for unparalleled expertise, craftsmanship and finish. The team of carpenters acts as an extension of the architects and engineers, whereby their input during the manufacture of the yachts is an indispensable asset that makes Holland Jachtbouw excel in the industry. As a result, not only customers, but also established naval architects confirm that the quality of the carpentry is of an unparalleled level within the yacht world. The saying “teamwork makes the dream work” therefore certainly applies to us!

Holland Jachtbouw does not compromise when it comes to quality. Only the finest materials are used in the manufacture, refit or restoration of yachts, which not only includes the use of exotic materials that offer a luxurious appearance, but also high quality materials that can guarantee a long lifespan. Our craftsmanship is not limited to the knowledge of only classic or modern ships; we regularly find ourselves in the niche where these worlds are overlapped. We build classic yachts with the looks of the past, but the technology of today, where all materials and techniques are merged into a yacht that exceeds the wildest dreams of our customers.

The yard is also extremely versatile, with unlimited possibilities when it comes to yacht types. From crafting minimalistic, modern carbon interiors to classic gentleman’s yachts and traditional regatta racers, Holland Jachtbouw realises it all, down to the smallest details. From fittings to rigging, everything is developed with passion and an eye for detail.

As part of the VMG Group, Holland Jachtbouw has access to a broad network of in-house expertise and divisions within the entire production chain. This enables us to shift quickly in all phases of construction, refit or restoration and to guarantee a superior quality standard. We also work with external agencies for matters such as naval architecture, performance optimisation, structural engineering, riggers, technicians, interior and exterior design, and many more suppliers.

In the past decades, Holland Jachtbouw’s yachts have won many prizes for developed and applied new technologies. For example, the J Class Rainbow (2012) was the first yacht ever equipped with a specially developed Hybrid Power Propulsion System and Athos (2010) was the most technologically advanced classic sailing yacht built to date. We will continue to look for new techniques. Not just to improve performance, but all the more so to build increasingly eco-friendly yachts. This includes hybrid or fully electric motors, high-tech wastewater treatment, aerodynamics and other sustainable developments that contribute to the reduction of emissions and pollution.